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 Elsint Defence and Technology joint stock company has been established in Ankara 1992. The aim of the company is to bring sophisticated defence industry products and their technology to Turkey. Apart of the defence industry, small arms representation for the civilian sector has also been made since its foundation.

Basic fields of activity :

For armed and law enforcement forces:

• Mobile surgical hospitals
• Subsystems for land platforms, systems and their subsystems
• Armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles and their systems
• Mine sweeping vehicles and their systems
• Weapons, weapon systems and stations
• Conventional arms and ammuitions
• State and boarder security equiptment and their applications
• Transmissions
• Auxiliary equipment and accessories
• Non lethal weapon and weapon systems

For civilian use

• Pistols
• Rifles
• Shotguns
• Related ammunition

To In order  to receive further information about our company or to reach us, please send an email to: